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TBM achieves “double” TOP GUN on IBM training

IBM Top gun training is designed to increase sales,

TBM - A 2011 Top 100 Kenya mid-size company

TBM achieves TOP 100 company ranking from 49th (2010) to 12th in 2011 survey

TBM CSR activities

In our efforts to strengthen our CSR policies, TBM recently visited the New Life Home trust in Kilimani where we



TBM - Trans Business Machines

TBM - Trans Business Machines is the TOP IBM Business partner in East Africa. Having been grown from an entry level partner to a Premier Business partner, TBM has been committed to ICT infrastructure development in Kenya.

The companies vision is to be a leading IT company providing quality products and services to businesses in Kenya and surrounding countries. To achieve this our business model dictates partnership with reliable and trustworthy global technology vendors like IBM, Cisco, Oracle and others. We have invested in skills development and internal systems & processes to improve efficiencies and enhance customer service. The company has made a strategic decision to focus on medium - large corporates whose computing needs are demanding; hence we provide various types of services and support to multi-nationals, parastatals, telecoms, financial services and public sector organisations.

We strive to enable business through technology.


Hardware Products

We provide smart solutions to your hardware problems.


TBM is an Authorised Warranty Service Provider for both IBM and Lenovo products. We have professional certified skills on different products ready to consult with you and provide services to ensure your investment delivers value. Both hardware and software skills are available to simplify management and increase availability of your IT infrastructure.


Software Products

Through our software partnerships, TBM can provide licenses and technical skills to assist your business in proper implementations and on-going support of various applications and system software. The software products we supply are from mainly IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Kaspersky and VMWare


Cisco Products

Through our cisco Primer partnership, TBM can provide licenses and technical skills to assist your business in proper implementations and on-going support of  routing and switching portfolio, Cisco data center portfolio and Collaboration portfolio.

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